Sunday, September 26, 2010


Memories....aren't they a blessing! Today I am sharing with you some Memories of my Mother's that she had passed on to me.
This beautiful picture was a wonderful memory for my Mother as it hung over the dining room table on the Family farm. She remembers it from childhood and she has since given it to me to treasure!

This next photo is one of the shots from our front porch. Our home was built in 1924 and we found this wooden beadboard in the basement when we removed some walls and reused it in the front is 8 ft high and then we added a plate rail above to the 10 ft ceilings.

This pretty lustreware bowl was another piece from my Mother's childhood and it was filled with apples on her Family dining room table. It reminds me of Fall so I usually bring it out to use this time of year.

These next photos are again from the front porch and I was lucky enough to be given the long photo from WW1 and the troup includes my Mother's Grandfather.

This old wood walking stick was found in the garage of this home when we purchased it.

Thank you for coming to visit today..I hoped you enjoyed my Memories..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What did Our Ancestors do for fun on a Fall evening..

Have you ever wondered what your Ancestors did after the sun went down on a Fall evening? Assuming they weren't too tired from the long day of gardening, harvesting and preparing for the next day ahead I am going to share with you what I believe took place in many farm houses across the country..

The fire would be lit and everyone would gather around and share their stories of the day..

Perhaps they had a little wooden box of Stereoscopic pictures for their Stereoscope viewer and it was brought out for all to enjoy...notice the labelling of the pictures in the lid of the box..

My great Grandparents adorn the space over the mantle

The first Stereoscope viewer was invented by Sir Charles Wheatsone in 1833 and would have brought many hours of pleasure for the Families who owned one..

Another pastime would have been curling up in front of the fire in a comfy chair and choosing a good book to read aloud to your Family or alone..

Quilting..needlework & knitting would have also been done by the Ladies of the house and the young girls would be taught by their Mother's or Grandmother's.

I must say the simpler things in life can bring us such joy. What do you like to do on a cool Fall evening?

Thank you for dropping in for a visit..take care!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


What a wonderful surpise I received today in the post! My sweet friend Cindy Adkins has designed a special tag for me and I LOVE it! Please hop over and visit Cindy at her beautiful blog.. she is a very talented Artist! My tag says "The garden of life is precious..I owe it all to Him.." That says it all!

I am now sharing with you a glance at our trip to Marti Gras in New Orleans this past February..Cindy lives in the area. This was one of the best vacations we have had. So much soul and beauty in the community and for all of the hard times they have been through since Katrina we were amazed how things are getting back to normal.

This is one of the lovely stately homes we came across..imagine having tea on this porch..

This was the view from the condo we were staying at on the Gulf..dreamy..

I have never seen such beautiful oak trees....

The bead throwing begins!

Below is a firehall we came across that is still missing the walls after five years..but they were still using it!

The street musicians were amazing and on every corner..
The food was amazing..

Bourbon Street below..

Thank you for stopping in for a visit and I hope you enjoyed a small glance at New Orleans..if you have the chance to go it! We hope to go back many times..and I hope to meet my new blogging friend Cindy!