Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our Home Exchange to The Netherlands

Welcome to Slot Zeist
Construction of this beautiful Castle started in 1677 by Architect Jacob Roman who also built the Royal castle 
"Het Loo" in Apeldorn. Roman was assisted by a French refugee, one of the Huegenots (French Prodestants) by the name of Daniel Marot, who brought the culture of Louis XIV, the Baroque style with him.

This is some of nature's beauty we saw as we walked the short distance from the apartment we are staying. 

This Arcadian landscape below is painted by Willem de Klerk (1800-1876) 

Most of the photos I have included feature the architecture and paintings of the castle and I hope you enjoy the small glimpse into Slot Zeist.

The two photos below are part of the ceiling design in one of the halls. I think they will look fabulous matted and framed for our home.

The hand painted fabric walls in this little room below was magnificent. 

Chandelier's in every room added to the glamour and beauty.

As you can see below this is where I took the ceiling panel photos I plan to frame.

The Gilded Reamur Louis XVI style Barometer-Thermometer is from Paris 1775

Wall Tapestry's hung in allot of the rooms as below

Het Slot Zeist was built in the 17th Century, the rich Golden Age by Count Willem Adriaan van Nassau Odijk and Cortgene. He was the grandson of Prins Maurits, Prince of Orange. 
In January 1957 an extensive restoration was undertaken by architect IR. J.B. Baron van Asbeck. At that time it was practically in ruins and the entire building was brought back to the style of Willem Adrian. In 1969 it was re-opened by Prince Claus, Queen Beatix's husband.

The grounds has a lovely spot for High tea or just a light lunch with coffee, tea and some sweets.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today and I will share more of our seven week Home Exchange in Holland.



Saturday, May 24, 2014

Curl up with a good book...

Today I made some small changes to our living room sitting area.
We had these two chairs & ottomans in our smaller sitting room but wanting a little change I switched them with the vintage chairs for a different look.

The colour is showing a pinky hue but they are actually taupe. 

The picture below is one of my favourites in our collection.

A small change can make a world of difference... don't you agree?

Time to curl up with my book...
Thank you for stopping in.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Home Exchange to The Netherlands

We are so looking forward to our six week Home Exchange this summer to The Netherlands.
What a great way to explore the world and cut costs at the same time. 
My Father In Law served overseas in WW2 and we are looking forward to exploring some of the same areas. 
I have been fortunate enough to meet Jacoba while Blogging and she has graciously offered to show us around and introduce us to everyday Life in Holland. We can't wait to meet her and her Husband in person! 
Life is good...

I will post about our exchange later this year so you can share in our adventure. Thank you for stopping in today.



Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cactus Love....

Hello today I am sharing some of my favourite photos my Sweetie has taken so far on our big adventure. I am so glad he has taken up his love of photography again!

This sweet little cactus is near our vacation home and I think I will have to get some of these framed. The owner of the cactus has gone home for the summer and did not see the cactus in bloom. What a great way to introduce ourselves to them when we return next November... 

I love the way the light reflects through the petals...

Hoping you have a wonderful week, thanks for stopping in.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Arizona's Beauty in Nature

Today I am sharing some more photography taken by my Sweetie. We were visiting Boyce Thompson Arboretum again yesterday and he got some more wonderful shots while we were on a Nature walk.  

Thank you for your sweet comments! Enjoy the beauty in your surroundings.