Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Treasures

Hello & welcome!I hope the start to your New Year has been grand!

Today I am sharing with you two new pieces that have been added to our Home. 

The French clock above was a Gift from my Sweetie for Christmas this year and I love the elegant hand painted scenes. It is a working clock and sits under a glass cloche on our mantel.

I found this French porcelain lantern on Ebay and adore the little cherub and the flowers that grace the piece. 

It is 18" in height and is in working condition. 

It does not have a permanent spot yet as I can't decide where I want it placed. I try and place my favourite pieces where I will see them everyday so I can enjoy them at every glance. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my new pieces. Have a great week! Blessings from our home to yours...


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

                                                             Welcome & Happy New Year!

I can not tell you all how excited I am for 2013 to unfold. My Sweetie and I are Retiring in the coming months and we are looking forward to travelling to places we have dreamed about and revisiting parts of the World we have explored in past years.
This beautiful picture above was in the Empress Hotel we visited a few years ago in Victoria, B.C. Canada and I would love to have a copy of this print but so far have not located one. 
My hope for all of you in 2013 is for good Health, Laughter & Love in your heart. 
Thank you for your wonderful comments throughout the year, I look forward to following my favourite Blogs again in 2013! Take care.