Monday, May 31, 2010


Tea Cup Tuesday is upon us I am featuring two tea cup & saucers. The 1st is a lovely set with bright spring colours. The marking is NC Japan and I don't know it's age.

My 2nd Tea Cup is a piece from my favorite china dainty! I love using it for dinner parties and have placesettings for twelve.
The maker is Mikasa fine china..pattern Venice 9266 Japan

I purchased this set of china at an Antique auction in one of the small towns we lived in early in our marriage. My husband's career in Finance Banking had us transfered around our Province many times and while the moving company was busy packing up our home I attended the auction. They were not very pleased with me when I showed up with another set of china for them to hand wrap and package for the journey to our new home. What can a Girl do...I had to have it!!
Have a great rest of the week.. Thank you Martha & Terri for hosting this wonderful event..

Sunday, May 30, 2010


We had our first visit to New Orleans & Louisiana February of this year to attend the Marti Gras I am sharing with you the photos we had taken while in Louisiana on a "Swamp Tour"

It breaks our hearts to think of the devastation the Oil spill is creating for these lovely areas and wonder if they will ever be the same.

The wildlife & creatures of the Swamp..Ocean..Gulf are all in danger and the lively hood of thousands of people will be effected.

The tour thru the swamp was so calm & peaceful as we glided thru the water exploring and looking for a glimpse of Gators..birds and other creatures that lived there.

Our Tour guide was a colourful fellow with many stories of the Swamp he grew up sharing the waters with all of the wildlife

My Sweetie & I as I let him hold the baby Gator.. ; )

Our trip was so interesting and we look forward to returning in the coming years. I will share in a later post our photos from New Orleans & Marti Gras!

I pray this man made disaster can be cleaned up and that we as humans can find a better..safer way to get the resourses we need without harming the earth we live in.

Take care..Blessings


Friday, May 28, 2010


Happy Birthday Pink Saturday! Thank you again Beverly for hosting the event!

Today I am showing some of my sweet stuffed animals and vintage doll. The adorable little pillow in the photo above is a creation of Rebecca @ A Gathering Of Thoughts! This pretty pink chair sits in our dressing area of the master bedroom.

This photo displays my vintage sealers I use as cannisters and a precious tea pot I love using daily. My metal hand mixer is dated 1899.

Another part of my red transferware collection..

These lovely Hydranga flowers are on a house plant I have on the kitchen table..I love the greeens & pinks..!

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday and thank you for stopping in for a visit!



Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Thank you for visiting me again today..I thought I would share another one of my china patterns with you today ............

This china is "Tudor Rose" pattern made in U.S.A. by maker Georgian China. It is a deep burgandy colour on the edge and the main part of the body is cream in colour and is edged & decorated with 23 karat gold. There is a sweet bouquet of soft flowers on most of the pieces.

The first peice I purchased was the round platter in the top photo and then found the rest of the set at different sales throughout the years.

The rose knife rests I have displayed today are very sweet and go with all of my china patterns...they were a gift from Santa (AKA my Sweetie) a few years ago. My tablecloth is my favorite and is a cream cotton Quaker cloth. Again I have used a vintage rose placecard holder from my set.

Thank you again for visiting me again..have a great rest of the week!



Monday, May 24, 2010


Welcome to my 3rd Tea Cup Tuesday and thanks again to Martha & Terri for hosting this lovely event!

My first tea cup & saucer set is made in England and James Kent Ltd. Longton is the maker and the pattern is "Rapture" 3007

The 2nd cup & saucer is a bone china Royal Albert and the pattern is Greenwood Tree reg no 774783

Both of these beautiful tea cups were my Grandmother's and I am honoured to have them in my home. Her name was Anne and she loved beautiful things..puttering in her garden & quilting.

Thank you for visiting today & enjoy the rest of your week!



Friday, May 21, 2010



Today I am posting my first Pink Saturday post and am very excited about it..Thank you Beverly of How Sweet The Sound for hosting.

My first photo is a little Bear that is very special to me..he is designed out of a mouton (spelling?) coat my Mother owned. I have added the G on her paw as this is the initial of her last name. When we admitted my Mother to the Alzheimer's ward seven years ago I could not part with the coat so had three bears made for my Brother, Sister & myself as a keepsake.

Second photo is of a straw hat that is displayed in our master bedroom.

Third photo are some dried pink roses I received from my Sweetie..

Fourth photo is a sweet little pink shoe I have displayed on our Mantel. It is marked LAmour China, Japan 7732

Fifth photo a darling little bowl I purchased on Ebay and only has the marking 822 Y

Have a great weekend and thank you for visiting!



Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Won't you join us for dinner tonight? I have a blank rose placecard just waiting to add your name too ...

I have the table set with a mix of my favorite transferware. Some of the pieces are old but the dinner/bread plates are newer. I use these everyday as they can go into our dishwasher. The silverplate cutlery is a set my Mother had and we children did not even know she had it until I mentioned I was wanting to purchase a set. She then brought out what she had and told me my Father had bought it for her early in their marriage but she had never used it. My Mother did not like china.. crystol glassware etc as she was not a Girly Girl so I am not sure who I took after as I love everything lacey and Girly!

My Mother gave us the silverplate for our Wedding Anniversary the same year and I treasure it!

Note the little silver dog knife rest..I love these but only have two so far..

We will be dining at 7:00 so please let me know if you can join us!



Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to my Tea Cup Tuesday #2

Please come in....would you like to join me in the Sitting room or are you more comfortable in the Dining room?

Today I am sharing with you not a tea cup..but my chocolate pot & six cups & saucers.

This lovely set was given to me by my Husband last year for my 51st birthday. I had admired it in an Antique shop while we were on vacation and to my surprise I received it for my birthday the following month. (should not really be surprised as he does this all of the time)

The set is bone china and is marked H & co. L France with letters E.L.W. on the pieces. Each cup & saucer have different delicate flowers and my photos do not do it justice. I have the set displayed in our Dining room and smile ever time I pass it by.

Have a great rest of the week..



Monday, May 10, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday #2

Welcome to my 2nd Tea Cup Tuesday! Today I am displaying one of my Grandmother's tea cups I have displayed on my teacart in our Dining room. The maker is Aynsley of England and I love the pink roses..garland & ribbon in the pattern. It was my favorite cup to use when I visited with my Grandmother and although my tea was mostly milk & lots of sugar it was so special and made me feel so grown up..
By the looks of it I better get out my silver polish! ; )

Have a great week and enjoy making special memories with your Daughters & Granddaughters...



Sunday, May 9, 2010

It was meant to be...

When we purchased our 1924 home from Mrs. Bailie in 2005 she had this lovely Victorian Settee & Chair that had been in her Family in England since 1850. She was selling some of her furniture but of course was taking this set along with her to her new home. She was a fascinating women 84 years young and had become a Doctor of Medicine in her 20`s. We were told she never practiced medicine as she had met the love of her life and decided to give up her career in Medicine and raise their Family. They had lived in the home we purchased from 1958-2005 and made many happy memories I am sure.

Last Fall for some reason I kept thinking of Mrs. Bailie and wondering how she was doing in her new home. We found out sortly after that Mrs. Bailie had passed away. I kept thinking about her life in our Home and how lovely the Settee & chair would have looked in our sitting room. I opened our Saturday newspaper and there in the classified section was the Victorian set for sale..My heart sang with joy!

As soon as we had it placed in the sitting room I just sat and smiled at it knowing Mrs. Bailie somehow wanted us to have this back in her Family home she loved so much.



Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother Day

To all of the Mother's & Grandmother's I wish you a very joy filled weekend as you spend time with your children...grandchildren...or little furry friends you are mothering!

Treasure your time with them as you know they grow so fast. Create some wonderful memories this Mother's Day! Take care..Hugs...