Sunday, February 27, 2011

To polish or not to polish...

 Hello my Blog friends I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend! As I wandered around our home today I noticed most of our Silver needs polishing.
 Perhaps I should leave it as looks quite pretty!
 What are your thoughts on shining the silver?

Have a wonderful week ahead....I am so excited to be one week closer to Spring!


Monday, February 14, 2011

New Colours

 Hello & thank you for stopping in again today! I am sharing some of our new colours that we are getting together for a bit of a new look.
 I have chosen the silver blue tones from the colour in our vintage wool carpets from 1920's.
 As I have mentioned in a past post I had the two 1930 wing chairs recovered and although the chairs are a little different in style I think they make a lovely pair.
 One side of the cushions is in a Toile fabric and the other is in the same fabric as the body of the chair for a different look. I am waiting for a special order of the Gimp to finish the chair on the left but the chair should be finished next week. 
 My little vintage cradle is holding a doll quilt my Mother made for me when I was six ears old and a violin that was in my Family for generations.

 The seating area faces our fireplace for a cozy spot to sit and read a book or chat about your day.
I hope you enjoyed your visit and please stop in again..take care.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Wishes

Happy Valentines Day weekend! I hope Romance finds you and the love you feel today comforts you for years to come.
Will you be my Valentine? Do you like my ? pin & heart shaped necklace?

I have had this vintage chocolate box for years and love the romance of the figures.
My Sweetie and I married in 1988 and this is our Wedding photo above.

Have a wonderful weekend and my wish is that Love will find all of you on this Valentine weekend! Take care..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Thank you for stopping in again today..I am sharing some of the treasures I have displayed on the mantle that we collected over the years from around the country at various auction sales, antique shops and car boot sales.

Three little pocket arrow head and a pocket watch

Two of my favorite little vases e marked France and the other PS Germany. My little pink creamer is Limoges.

A lovely photo of my Great Grandmother and her Grandmother is sitting beside her. Also shown is a hand painted floral pin that belonged to her.

This cupid wall pocket is so delicate & pretty with all its flowers..
Can a girl have too many domed silver plated butter dishes? I don't think so..

Thank you for stopping in today..have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some of My Victorian treasures

I hope you enjoy a small glimpse into my picture collection. Netherland etchings of Amsterdam, Delft, Nijmegen
One of my favorite prints is named Storybook
A framed silk fan
This little girl feeding her chickens is so precious and don't you love the frame?

Mode of transportation 1907 Oxen pulling the wagon
Hyde Park near Grosvenor Gate
Hampton Court Palace
Some of my vintage rose postcards..
Sorry for the duplicate..I don't know how to remove it without starting over. lol
Please stop in again soon!