Saturday, September 24, 2011

Loving our new colours..

Hello my Blogging Friends! I am so grateful you have stopped in again for a visit.. 

We are so enjoying our new Condo life and the colours we have chosen for our place.

I could not believe how easily things came together with the new colour choices. The porcelain mugs and cream/sugar set are a perfect compliment to everything. The maker is Portmeirion and designer is Sophie Conran... I am working slowing at getting more of the pieces as I really don't need another set of dishes (what has that got to do with anything you say!) but I love the colour so much!

My little wooden tray has been lined with a wallpaper piece I had acquired over the years and I love it with the other pieces. 

My small Victorian vase from France is protected by the glass bell.  

Here is another glimpse of our dining area... I hope you aren't getting tired of seeing our place!

I love getting your comments.. thank you for taking the time to leave my a note! Have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vintage Jewelry Collection..Last pieces

Welcome again to my little Blog! I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into my (addiction) collection of jewelry pieces. These pieces are the last ones I will be posting about and I hope you enjoy seeing them! 

I love the Royal pieces below...

The cufflinks below were worn by my Grandfather and I will treasure them always! My W pin was a gift I was given as a child and still wear it to this day... 

My blue topaz ring is one of my favourites and this photo does not show its real beauty.

Thank you for stopping in today ... What do you like to collect? Have a wonderful week!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Vintage Jewelry Collection..Amethyst Pieces

Welcome to my Blog & thank you for stopping in! Today I am sharing my Amethyst pieces of my Vintage collection. This gem is special to me as it is my Birthstone!

All of the pieces except the top two brooches are set in gold.  All of the gold pieces were gifts from my Sweet Husband and the top two brooches are gifts from my dear friend on our gift exchange. Ages of the pieces range from the late 1800's to 1930's.

I hope you have enjoyed another small glimpse into my collection. Do you love wearing Vintage jewelry as much as I do?
Have a wonderful week ahead... I am off this week so look forward to catching up on some Blog reading. Take care.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Peridot pieces

Hello & welcome! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Today I am sharing with you my Peridot vintage jewelry.

The necklace above was another gift from my Sweet Husband and he was told it was from the early 1900's. The piece has seed pearls as well and it sits at the nape of my neck when worn. The piece was purchased with the lovely green velvet case.

I purchased the ring on EBAY and wear it on my pinky finger.... as you can imagine it looks huge and I love the attention I get when I wear it!  Don't you just love the design of vintage jewelry?

The colour of the stones in all the pieces are clear and bright and are a wonderful part of my collection.

My smaller piece was my Mother In Law's and  she had been given it from her parents at age 15 so it is from the early 1900's as well.

Thank you for stopping in again to see my vintage jewelry collection! Have a wonderful weekend my Blogging friends! Blessings from my home to yours...