Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almost settled in...

Thank you for stopping in today.. we are almost settled in our new Condo. We have been here a month and although we are sleeping here the time we have spent at our House seems endless. Today the rest of our Antiques were taken off to a Auction that will be held next Tuesday so I am relieved we are almost at the end.. we held two Antique sales and still had rooms full of furniture and collectibles to part with so I feel a weight has lifted now we are downsized. 

We found this vintage looking telephone that is used when someone comes to visit...the phone rings and we buzz the guests up!

I am loving the new colours we picked out and our pinks and some vintage pieces look great with the new pieces. 

Once we are just living in the new place I will post some more shots of our new space. We downsized 600 sq ft but we are very comfortable in our condo of 1240 sq ft. Much less cleaning to do! Have a great week!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Antique Sale

Thank you for stopping in today! As some of you know my Sweetie & I have purchased a new condo in a nearby Town in a beautiful Valley. Leaving our 1924 Character home was a big change but we are loving our new Home. This weekend we held Our first Antique sale in the old house and it as a great success!

Thank goodness the sitting room is 30 feet long as I sure needed the room to spread everything out.

The Hallway was even needed to display some of the items for sale.

The Dining Room was packed full as well... I can't believe we had collected so much stuff! Our condo is already fully furnished and decorated and this is what was left over. One Gentlemen asked if we had an Antique store we were closing! Another Lady asked if it was my Mother's house? Too funny!

I still can't believe I had five sets of China! Maybe I should have gone on a Reality show..Hoarders maybe? lol

Since we have at least half of the items left after the sale I am going to rearrange the items and have another sale next weekend!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Thank you for coming over for a visit today!

Blessing ...