Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Beauty in my World...

 Hello Ladies..thank you for stopping in again! Today I am sharing with you more beauty I see everyday in Our dining room. My Sweetie gifted me this set of Candelabra's for Christmas a few years ago. Sorry I can't make out the Maker on the bottom. We had spotted them in a local Antique shop and I remember being very excited to see them as they looked so regal and like something we would have seen on our travels to England. Christmas came a few months later and to my suprise there they our dining room. 

 I tried to photograph them in two different lights so you can get a good look at the detail work.

Above is set of Capodimonte floral candle sticks which I purchased at a flee market for $.75. Can you believe it?   

I hope you enjoyed your visit today..I love your visits and wonderful comments! Thank you..


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simply Beautiful...

 Hello my Blogging friends! I hope your week is going well so far. We are still having Winter like cool  weather but Thursday is looking promising. 
 Today I am home from work and enjoying some of the simpler things in life such as two of my favorite things..roses and silver plate! 
 I just love the cutout design of this silver basket...
Please stop and enjoy some of the beauty that surrounds you today! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring...when are you coming to my city?

 Hello ladies ...I sure hope Spring has arrived to your part of the World.
We had a Winter storm warning yesterday but thank goodness the 6 inches of snow that was expected passed us by. We have some days that are 0 degrees and then we have melting..but cold again the next day! I am tired of it already....we bought lots of flowers for the house..tulips..roses..and anything else that was cheerful and colourful. Above I used a pink depression glass biscuit jar to hold my bouquet and a silver container for the plant below.    
Spring is usually my favorite Season but next year it has allot to make up for as this year Spring is letting me here's hoping the weeks ahead are brighter! Enjoy your Spring where ever you may be...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh I will miss my Parlor...

Hello and welcome! As some of you know my Sweetie and I are wanting to move to a condo this year.    I had a request to send email pictures of the house to a prospective buyer as we don't have it listed yet with a Realtor. While uploading and sending her the photos I realized I am really going to miss my favorite room in the house. The size is wonderful at 29 feet long by 12'2 feet wide and provides lots of seating areas. We had a gas insert put in the old wood burning fireplace in February and are loving the warmth it gives throughout the house. If you notice white lines on the walls we are filling the hairline cracks that showed up in the plaster this winter and I can't leave the walls bare so hang up the pictures between coats of filler. LOL
I am sure hoping whoever buys her also would like to purchase some of our Antiques as we are overflowing and the condo is considerably smaller at 1300 sq ft. If not we will have to have a household sale to clear some of the pieces out. 
I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my favorite room. Thank you for stopping in for a visit.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Good Old Days..

 Hello and thank you for dropping in today. I love getting your comments and advise. 
Today I am sharing with all of you some of my Family pieces as well as some treasures I have collected over the years. Above is a Basin that belonged to my Grandmother..the jug was purchased to complete a set. 
 This wonderful heavy cotton vintage night gown is so beautiful. I found it at a local Antique store and the condition of the fabric is excellent!   

 My chamber pot is also a Family piece and I am so glad we no longer have to use these! As a child visiting my Grandmother's farm house we had to use these as there was no indoor plumbing. 
 The razor and brush were my Father In Law's and I think of him every time  I walk past and see them.

 My hair keeper and nail buffer also belonged to my Grandmother as well as the Ivory handled nail and button tools.
 I purchase these other items over the years at various shops and on Ebay.

I hope you enjoyed your visit! Stop in again.. Take care!