Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our West Coast Highway Road Trip

I am sharing photos of our road trip along the West Coast. We started our journey on Canada's Vancouver Island and headed down the US 101.
What a glorious, breathtaking experience!

I hope you enjoy our photos, I took some from the car as we were driving and the others my Sweetie took along the way.  

Allot of the trip was foggy or rainy but it could not have been more beautiful!

We have now arrived in Arizona for three months to escape the cold winter our part of Canada experiences. 
I feel so blessed to have retired at 55 and look forward to exploring more beautiful places! 
I hope you are enjoying your part of the World!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

West Coast of Canada

Welcome to the West Coast of Canada. We are spending a few months on Vancouver Island this winter and I must say I could sure get used to the warmer weather. The Quail above was perched on the fence of the condo we are staying at, he had plenty of little friends running around on the lawn as well. 
It's it a beauty?

We took a drive down a coastal road near Maple Bay and the bright green moss covered everything....

The temperatures were around +10 on this day and a light rain had passed through earlier in the day.

Could I get used to living on the West Coast? Well we sure would consider it, the -30 weather back home sure makes us think about warmer... greener parts. 

Could I live in a houseboat like this? Not sure... but I sure could live in a condo on the waterfront!
I hoped you enjoyed visiting today, I will post more about our 
Retirement travels.
Thank you for your sweet comments!