Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Office Renovations..

Hello friends..I came upon these photos of our office while searching old photos and thought I would share with you the before and after. Our two story home was built in 1924 and this little office is on the second floor facing east. As you can guess by the top three photos the room was done in the 40's most likely and was in the need of some TLC!

There were built in red leatherette sofa and chair as well as a small desk and wrap around book shelves. The walls and ceiling were papered in a wood like paper. (YUK)

It even came with a small electric heater..when heated the coals lit up! We lived with this room for about a year as I was not sure what we were going to do with it but knew something needed done..

We stripped the wallpaper off of the ceiling and walls and as you can see had new wallpaper added to look like tin panels on the ceiling..added crown moulding and white wainscotting to the walls..and painted the room a soft butter colour.

I love the way the ceiling turned out!

The oak hardwoods were refinished..a new area rug laid..

two comfy chairs...and lots of Victoria Magazines were added!

Pictures were hung..

An old oak cabinet that houses my smaller television and a vintage typewriter that belonged to my Father In Law was added.

A few lamps..stools..and you guessed it ...more Victoria Magazines!

A small computer desk and chair...and I was set to enjoy the sunrise in the mornings and the view below is our little English Garden! I think I adore this room the most and although it is the smallest room in the home it is wonderful for me to do my Blogging and just daydreaming as I read my Magizines...

I hope you have a room of your own that brings you as much comfort! Thank you for stopping in tonight..



Monday, July 26, 2010

Tea Tuesday!!

Won't you join me for a cup of Tea? I am just sitting down to write a note to my Dear friend who is off in the Netherlands for six months...lucky Lady!

Today I am having my tea in a Bone China cup & saucer made in England and it is marked Regency. The photo's do not do her justice! She is edged in gold and has the most fantastic yellow flowers....
Thank you Martha & Terri for hosting Tea Cup Tuesday and Sandi for hosting Tea Time Tuesday! Make sure you pop over and visit everyone who are joining these three lovely Ladies for tea!


I want to thank all of you that entered to win one of my 5 giveaways!
The small tea cup & saucer at the top is going to Terri @ Artful Afirmations
My bottom rose tea cup & saucer is going to Brenda @ Shabby Cats & Roses

These lovely white napkins are heading to June @ Laughing with Angels

The ercu napkins will be finding a new home with Cindy Adkins @ Whimsical Musings

And last but not least..this silk hanky & doily will be going to Judith @ Lavender Cottage
Thank you again Ladies..I know you will treasure my pretty's and give them all a good home! I will email all of you for your shipping address.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Vintage Linens for Pink Saturday!

Hello ..thank you for visiting me and Happy Pink Saturday! Today I am sharing with you some of the linens I have around our Home..I hope you enjoy!

Guest towels..

Pillow cases...


I am so envious of the ability to do this needlework!

Have a wonderful weekend & make sure you click on Beverly's Pink Saturday button below to have a look at all the wonderful Pinks..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to my 1st Tea Cup & Linen Giveaway!

Hello Ladies..some of you may or may not know we are hoping to downsizing to a Condo and therefore I want to pass on some of my treasures on to all of you!

I will be drawing next Monday July 26th for five giveaways! All you have to do is comment on this post and you are entered! The first draw will be for the small tea cup in the photo above. It is a pretty little cup & saucer made in Japan. The second draw will be for the Rose cup & saucer also made in Japan.

Third draw will be for these four ecru napkins that are beautifully stitched.

Fourth draw will be these four white linen napkins that someone has lovingly stitched.

Last but not least is a vintage round doily and a silk hanky with butterflys. Again all you have to do is comment on my post..easy! Thank you for visiting me today & good luck! Please check out the other Tea Cup posting...just click on the buttons at the top of my post.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Boys....

Good afternoon! I am hoping you are enjoying your weekend...I would like to introduce to all of you "Our Boys". They are Sweetpea & P.C. ..two Bichon Frise crossed with Poodle & Shih Tzu. They are six years of age and bring such joy into our lives! Their only problem is they don't know they are Dogs so think they should be with us every minute of the day. I hope you have a beloved Family Pet that brings you as much Love & Laughter as ours do!

Sweetpea (I know sounds like a girl's name) top photo
P.C. is in the photo below

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My daily walk thru the park....

Hello my fello I walked to work this morning I thought I would snap some photos along the way so you could see the beauty of our city park I am able to enjoy every day!

Our Man Made Lake is in the centre of the city and was dug with hand tools and horse and wagon were used to carry out the dirt that was removed. 1883 was the year....1908 the bridge you see today was built and it is said to be the longest bridge over the shortest span of water.

My walk to work is 2 1/2 Kilometers one way so I get to walk through the park and enjoys its beauty..I hope you enjoy. Come and walk along with me..

I am amazed that I walk through the park everyday and forget how lucky I am to have such a beautiful space so close to our home..

Thank you for coming along on the walk with me today..have a great week and make sure you stop in your lives and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you..