Friday, December 31, 2010

Time to Reflect..

Well another year has gone by quickly and it is once again time to step back and reflect on the past year..after a busy few days back at work this week I was so looking forward to getting home and relaxing with a cup of fresh coffee & some dainties!

I had mentioned in earlier posts that my Sweetie & I were thinking of downsizing to a Condo this past year and it did not happen so we will have to really think if this is what we are still wanting to do and get busy setting the plan in motion.
Since I am such a collector of all things Old and Victorian I am really going to have get sorting through things and decide what is going along with us. What a job!
Maybe in the New Year I will have to make a plan and do one room at a time..or start in the basement..this could be why we never got moving in 2010! So daunting of a task..
One thing I know is I will be keeping my collection of Red Transferware..LOVE IT!!

Well I should get busy making my plan of action this weekend. Any volunteers? We are off to a Friend's Dinner Party to bring in the New Year.
May the New Year be filled with Love..Happiness & Good Health for all of You & Your Families!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays and welcome to Our Home..

I have decorated our tree with my Pink Victorian theme decorations again this year.
Please enjoy your visit..

Vintage candle holders for the tree..can you imagine these lit?

The vintage Christmas postcards are throughout the home..

May your Holidays be filled with Family...Love...Laughter...& great memories! See you in 2011!