Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Transferware...... l Iove it!

Welcome & thank you for stopping in! Many of you know I absolutely Love transferware and yesterday I found this beautiful setting of 37 pieces in a Shop I have not visited in over a year. 
I had met the lovely Antique shop owner at a Alzheimer's Family Support meeting over ten years ago. She is now 85 years young and although her spouse is still living in the nursing home she carries on with their little Antique shop. 
Whenever I enter her place I always end up leaving with a smile and a great treasure. Yesterday was no exception, I found this setting for eight and an old oil lantern I was looking for as a housewarming gift for friends.  

Today we are hosting a dinner party for our friends as it is our Saturday to prepare the meal. I have chosen a pasta & spicy sausage dish for dinner tonight so we are looking forward to enjoying it with sourdough bread & a coleslaw recipe of my Mother's. 

These two bone handled pieces are from my Sweetie's family .

Below is a liquer  glass that was my Mother In Law's and I am on the lookout for more of these as I only have three glasses. The stem is twisted glass and the edging is gold.

My new dishes came with one serving bowl above. And my Grandmother's little bird salt & peppers look great on the table.

I was told the dishes are from around 1930 and the maker is below.

Well the table is set now we just need the guests to arrive....

The framed print below hung in my Mother's bedroom since I can remember.

The two smaller pictures below are ones we found at a Car Boot sale in London over 14 years ago.

These triple chocolate cookies will go well with the Cappuccino frozen yogurt below. Oh how I love comfort food!

Blessings to you & yours as you enjoy your weekend!