Sunday, February 19, 2012

Loving San Francisco

Welcome! Thank you for dropping in today. I am sharing with you today some of our photos from our two week vacation to San Francisco. We celebrated my 54th birthday as well as Valentine's Day in this Beautiful City. 

The Painted Ladies were gorgeous!

We took in a Wine tour to Napa/Sonoma Valley. This winery below was one of my favourites of the four we toured.

My Sweetie on the trolley..

We did a tour of Alcatraz below... what a lonely scary place this must have been.   

We rented a car and went to Sausalito for the day... what a beautiful waterside community.

The shopping was fantastic along the waterfront  

These four hearts were at the four entrances to Union Street park. Our condo was just a block away so we enjoyed many visits to the park.

Below was another day trip the the area of Haight Ashbury, very interesting. 

Wonderful residents in the area 

Golden Gate Bridge was amazing!

This photo below is the view from our lunch table at Pebble Beach and this is the 18th hole. Kirk was a little more excited than I was to be there. lol

We were so excited to be able to attend the Chinese New Years Parade down the street from our condo. My Sweetie was born in the year of The Dragon so he enjoyed all of the celebrations.

Lombard Street is below and what a sight it was. We walked down it and marvelled at the twists and turns. I was not prepared for the hills climbing involved on almost ever street in the city. I do know this, I am in allot better shape from just the two weeks of walking and exploring. My mind is made up that I need to get in better shape for 2012. 

I just had to stop mid way down and admire the view top to bottom.

I know you ladies will love my sweet slippers from China Town! Aren't they amazing?

Thank you again for sharing our vacation memories with me. Take care!