Thursday, June 17, 2010

A small glimpse into our Garden.....

Another piece of my stained glass..soft greens & clear glass...

vintage watering can that was in our garden when we purchased the home

Victorian gazing ball...

A small bird bath for those hot days of summer...

Cream separater that was used on my Grandparents farm many years ago..

Another glass creation I designed..a watering can in a stepping stone..

vintage saw hanging in the garden..

Thank you for stopping in for a visit..have a great weekend!


  1. What a lovely garden you have! I always enjoy visiting and your yard looks so beautiful. I love that cream separator. You took some gorgeous shots! Hugs and happy weekend to you! Anne

  2. Such a lovely garden. So nice to find another blog from Canada! Come by and visit our blog in PEI. Cheers, Susan :)

  3. Such a beautiful garden. It reminds me of the one I had when I lived back home in Canada. I too was very pleased to see another Canadian blogger . Thank you for lovely comments. Cerise at Whitewashed Cottage.

  4. Hi Wanda,
    What a lovely garden you have! I LOVE the galvanized buckets and watering can...I collect them, too. :)
    I'm so glad you visited, and thanks for your sweet comment!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    ~ Jo :-)

  5. Wanda I just LOVE seeing others gardens and hear how much joy they get from them. When a woman gardens, it softens her somehow and I always think that they appreciate life so much more. It has been a pleasure seeing your blooms today.

  6. Hi Wanda, thanks for entering my giveaway today and I too love your garden photos! xo, Janet

  7. Hi Wanda,
    Your garden is beautiful! I love all the touches you have added; especially the Fleur de lis and your grandparents' cream separator. Have a wonderful day.