Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Antique Sale

Thank you for stopping in today! As some of you know my Sweetie & I have purchased a new condo in a nearby Town in a beautiful Valley. Leaving our 1924 Character home was a big change but we are loving our new Home. This weekend we held Our first Antique sale in the old house and it as a great success!

Thank goodness the sitting room is 30 feet long as I sure needed the room to spread everything out.

The Hallway was even needed to display some of the items for sale.

The Dining Room was packed full as well... I can't believe we had collected so much stuff! Our condo is already fully furnished and decorated and this is what was left over. One Gentlemen asked if we had an Antique store we were closing! Another Lady asked if it was my Mother's house? Too funny!

I still can't believe I had five sets of China! Maybe I should have gone on a Reality show..Hoarders maybe? lol

Since we have at least half of the items left after the sale I am going to rearrange the items and have another sale next weekend!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Thank you for coming over for a visit today!

Blessing ...



  1. Wanda, I hope you will be very happy in your new home. You have some beautiful treasures from your other home and I am sure you will have no problem finding them a new home.
    I couldn't help but notice the doll baby bed and cradle. I love things like that. Have fun with your sale and please let us know how it all goes. Char

  2. Oh so many goodies I would love to snap up!
    China? Oh no, I have 7 sets eck! But they are my ggrandmother, grandmother, mom and mine so hopefully I will not qualify as a hoarder yet?

    Enjoy your new home, I hope you will be very happy!

  3. Lovely new space - wishing you many wonderful years there. Wish that you lived nearby, as I see a lot of things that I'd snatch right up!


  4. Miss Wanda...I just KNOW you and your husby will love your new home. What I wouldn't give to have come to your sale. Looks like it was fabulous! Thank you for showing all the wonderful pics!

    Love to you~Rebecca

  5. Wanda...oh my, I would have had such fun at your sale. I LOVED the china that these beutiful delicate roses on them, the old typewriter and the Mason jars. I LOVE Mason jars to store things...they're cute and practical :) :) OH, I wish you every success with getting all of your items sold. I can imagine how hard it must have been to do that.. :) :) Thanks for all the fabulous pics ;) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. Oh my goodness I would have loved your sale!!!!

  7. I love the note you left on my sweet!

  8. Oh! I wish I was there too-I see red and white transferware and lots of other pretty things.

    Hope you enjoy your new home.


  9. Oh my! Why couldn't I have lived closer? Great collection... so happy the sale was a success!

  10. Good Morning Wanda Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, how I wish I lived close by. I see so many wonderful things I would have to have for my home. Oh how wonderful.

    And to think that you still have over half of it left. Sometimes we wonder how we ever accumulated all those things. Love the crocks and those Mason jars, oh the list grows and grows.

    So happy to hear you have already started your new home. Enjoy it sweet friend. Have a gorgeous day. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

  11. I love it all! I just got a typewriter this weekend...I hope you didn't part with the typewriter--It's gorgeous!! And everything is so beautiful!!


  12. wow...that must be such a job to do! I am so glad you are loving your new home...and that typewriter is darling, btw!

  13. Hi Wanda,
    How courageous to say goodbye to all these once loved things. But as we move on in life we seem to need less, and the less we have the happier we are.
    I am forever surprised at the stuff that I seem to be taking to places for charity. The shedding we do seems endless. Fortunately this house is spacious but has very few stocking opportunities. The worst rooms are my husband's and my office.
    Enjoy your new surroundings! A new start!
    Happy Sunday,

  14. How I wish I would have been there Wanda!!! I bet many things would have had to come and live with me.
    I just know that you and your husband will love your new home and that soon you will make it all your own.
    Sending you big hugs from here....