Saturday, September 24, 2011

Loving our new colours..

Hello my Blogging Friends! I am so grateful you have stopped in again for a visit.. 

We are so enjoying our new Condo life and the colours we have chosen for our place.

I could not believe how easily things came together with the new colour choices. The porcelain mugs and cream/sugar set are a perfect compliment to everything. The maker is Portmeirion and designer is Sophie Conran... I am working slowing at getting more of the pieces as I really don't need another set of dishes (what has that got to do with anything you say!) but I love the colour so much!

My little wooden tray has been lined with a wallpaper piece I had acquired over the years and I love it with the other pieces. 

My small Victorian vase from France is protected by the glass bell.  

Here is another glimpse of our dining area... I hope you aren't getting tired of seeing our place!

I love getting your comments.. thank you for taking the time to leave my a note! Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Back again, Wanda!
    It is so good to read that you are so happy and content in your new environment. Even enjoying a new coffee/tea set.
    A most gorgeous jug at the background.
    I have one just as high, but the silver is very straigth and it looks almost modern (although it belonged to my greatgrandmother).
    Thanks for showing and sharing with us!
    You asked in a previous post: what do you collect? Well, I am not really a collector but I have small collections. Things of beauty are such treasures.
    Happy weekend!

  2. Love it all and glad to hear your chicken stories. Been there and done that. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  3. Wanda it looks so clean and spacious...the colors are soothing yet elegant! Great choices!

    Thank you for stopping by...your continued visits and comments are appreciated. :0)

  4. Oh your place is delightful. I never tire of seeing the homes of my bloggy friends. Enjoyed my visit today. Enjoy your weekend. Anne

  5. Hi Wanda,
    I love looking into your pretty home and will never tire of seeing what's new.


  6. Your chandelier looks beautiful. So those are portmerion dishes? they are so pretty...a girl can never have too many dishes can she?

  7. I could never tire of seeing your beautiful new home Wanda! It certainly is a serene space and I love the colors you have chosen to live with. I love the new colors choice on your dishes too. Beautiful!!!
    hugs from here...

  8. Gorgeous! Your new colors are fabulous! I love the white mugs with the great texture! Your dining room looks amazing. You did a beautiful job on it.

  9. Oh-everything you create is so beautiful, Wanda. I LOVE what you have done with your new condo and I adore the colors--AND that beautiful chair!


  10. Your new colors are lovely-I love the ceiling in your new dining room!

    I am happy you are enjoying life in your new condo.


  11. Hi Wanda,

    Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! Your dining room looks beautiful. I like your tea set from Portmeiron. It looks very stylish.

    Happy new week,


  12. Dearest Wanda,

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    Love to you,