Friday, March 20, 2015

Arizona Decor

Today I am sharing our new La-Z-Boy furniture and wool carpet that arrived yesterday.
As you can see our decor in Arizona is allot different than our condo in Canada.

Our colours here reflect the Arizona colours in the desert and its surroundings.

After we ordered the pieces I wondered if I had gone with too vibrant of a colour scheme but we are loving the choices we made.

The wool carpet below is also from La-Z-Boy and it is a real contrast from our pink and aqua wool carpets in the condo.

The dining chairs I had recovered coordinate nicely as well.

What would a room be without fresh flowers... I love tulips. 
Thank you for stopping in today! 
Spring blessings...


  1. Wanda. I bet you love having two homes to decorate! That would be so much fun. I always tell Dale I need two or three more homes so I can enjoy all the different styles I love. Your colors and patterns are lovely! Just beautiful!

  2. Hi Wanda. The new furniture looks lovely. I like color! So you are a "snowbird" in Arizona. We lived there for about 12 years and are now back in the east. Have a wonderful spring. Susan

  3. Really nice, Wanda!
    The settee and the pillows match the picture of the cactus on the right. You will not regret these colours. they are so cheery.

  4. Hi Wanda,

    I love the way you have decorated your Arizona home - the colours are all so very beautiful and how pretty the red tulips are.
    Enjoy the weekend

  5. Your couch and carpet look beautiful Wanda. Such warm colours to have in your living room. It looks really cosy!

    Madelief x