Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring on the Island..

Welcome to Spring! We have really enjoyed our first full winter in our new home on the Island. I thought living in a rain forest would be dark and gloomy over the winter months but every day was different. Two sunny warm days and then three days of a soft rain... It is so nice to see the bulbs poking through the soil in January & February instead of May & June. Don't get me wrong, we will still love going to Arizona for six months each year but this was enjoyable as well. 

We found this painted white iron lamp at a local Antique store and repurposed it with solar lights. We love the look and it does give a soft warm glow onto the deck area. Once we find a nice outdoor dining table and chairs we will be ready for dinner parties. 

Below is our view as we come out our back door onto the covered deck. We had the other sunny deck built straight across the front of the property so we could watch the ducks in the pond from all locations when we are sitting out.

Pier One had this wonderful outdoor rattan set last season and we are very happy with it. 

My spring bulbs are so cheerful and bright...the winter garden pot is still looking wonderful as well.

Our town has a local auction house and we found this little iron table and wood/iron bench last Fall. 

I love repurposing old items... the window turned out better than I had thought

Our family has gifted us with another vintage window so once I get it cleaned up and painted I will show you were we placed it. It is longer so I may use it for a an arbor for some climbing roses

My little garden angel was a birthday gift and the Victorian iron bird bath below was another find at the auction

The Primrose seem to like the new window box and they are a great pop of colour to the space on the shed

One of our sweet little humming birds on the cover deck... so tiny...

Thank you for stopping in today I hope you are enjoying Spring where ever you are...

Hugs, Wanda


  1. Hi Wanda, your home look lucky you are to have those sweet hummingbirds around your home..,,.,and sweet ducks in your pond...


  2. Hi Wanda, so good to hear from you again! Your place looks so pretty! The shed is adorable! Not quite Spring here in Missouri yet, one day it's warm the next it is cold!
    Have a great week!

  3. A really nice, relaxing space, Wanda! I love what you've done... And the hummingbird shot was an added bonus!

  4. Your birdlife must be just wonderful! And what a perfect perch you have there to enjoy them. You have made it wonderfully homey. Have a lovely spring!

  5. Your birdlife must be just wonderful! And what a perfect perch you have there to enjoy them. You have made it wonderfully homey. Have a lovely spring!

  6. Your life in the middle of the forest looks so different than mine....It's lovely to be able to experience a little how it must be through your photo's.

    Madelief x

  7. Looks great, Wanda, and you have got a such a 'nose' to find nice things to decorate your home. I can almost feel the vibes of the environment, the pictures are so nice. Very creative! Have a happy day and enjoy spring!

  8. Replies
    1. Thank for your visit Jacoba. No name for the Angel yet but I will work on it. Do you have any ideas?
      ; )

  9. Your yard is so pretty, and love how you are attracting the birds. Sometimes there is not enough green here, and February was too hot, though only the second hottest on record. It has hit or almost hit 90 this week. xoox Su

  10. Dear Wanda,

    Your place is beautiful and love the little shed with the old window also all your spring flowers and primroses. Must be lovely looking at the ducks on the pond and the dear little hummingbirds.
    Happy weekend

  11. Giving you a feature this morning, Wanda, for "Let's Talk Vintage!" Thanks so much for linking up last week!

  12. Very lovely post....we are having our first breath of Spring in Chicagoland today. Your shed is adorable and you will have so much fun ...making yourself summer comfortable on your porch. Thanks, Sandi