Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Colours...

Welcome & thank you for stopping in for a visit today! As I have mentioned in past posts my Sweetie and I are downsizing to a Condo in the next year or so and I have decided to add another colour scheme to our decor. What do you think?
Our collection of Victorian art has allot of sepia colouring and seems to go well with the colours I have chosen.
The mercury glass look that is now in every store I see really goes well with my tarnished silver pieces that I used to feel I needed to keep shiny. Lol ... much easier not to polish the pieces!

Two of our 1920 wing chairs are off to be recovered in these tones and I will share with you before and after photos once I get them back. Today I found some wonderful fabric to recover a few stools we have so they will go wonderfully with the new look.

Thanks again for stopping in and I will share more with you as I get the new look more together. Have a wonderful week ahead.
Blessing from Our home to Yours..


  1. Love the new look, have fun, a change of color is always fun to play with, and it appears that you have lots of choices to go with when staying a little neutral. Blessings for your move, Marilou

  2. Love the colors, love the mercury glass and love the print of Queen Victoria!

  3. Gorgeous! You just gave me an idea for our formal living room.....

    Thank you for stopping by my PS post.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  4. I love your pic of Queen Victoria and your style! Great tones and colors!

  5. Beautiful colors, I bet everything will fall into place perfectly!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. The colors are subtle and very nice :) :) Redecorating is fun...enjoy it ;) :) Definitely post pics of your progress!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. Beautiful colors!! I love all the gorgeous silver.


  8. Oh Wanda, you are so right. These tones are perfect! Just lovely!
    Now I am anxious to see the chairs when you decide and get them redone.
    I hope all is great with you friend!
    sending hugs

  9. Hi Wanda,
    Oh, you will love that color looks so's fantastic!!!