Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Welcome, I hope your weekend has been fabulous!
I am just loving the bright orange and yellows in the bouquet of tulips we have had for over eight days! 
Fry's Grocery Store had them on sale for $5.99 so what a deal. You can't help but smile every time we pass the dining table and see them. 

Sweetpea says "Hello & welcome". He just had his weekly bath and was sitting so pretty for all of you. 
Our Park Model has a small electric fireplace as you can see so Sweetpea can sit and dry after his Spa treatment if the morning air is cool.
The poor little guy does not stay white very long in the desert sand but he is sure not missing the cold Winter we had back home. We are sure hoping the snow will all be gone when we head back in May.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the day and week ahead. Take care & thank you for stopping in....

Wanda & Sweetpea


  1. Sweetpea is just so cute ~ I could just hug her. Glad she is sitting getting warm.

  2. Ahhh your sweetpea is precious...
    Enjoy the warmer weather....


  3. Hi Wanda,

    How pretty your tulips are and always a treat to buy some flowers for yourself.
    Sweetpea is adorable and you must be all enjoying living in the warmer parts.
    Happy week

  4. Aww, Sweetpea is just adorable and your tulips make me smile! I love tulips and yours are so pretty!