Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Journey of Memories

When we decided to visit The Netherlands we had no idea how much we would see and how many wonderful people we would meet. 

The beautiful gardens were so amazing to wander through and the churches and architecture we experienced was breathtaking.

I will never look at a picture of a windmill the same again after seeing the working of one from inside & out. 

Our intent was to go to some places my Father In Law had been during WWII in 1945. With the help of our friend Jacoba we were able to meet two families that Cliff had stayed with and met during his time in Holland. He had kept photos he was given from the families and we were able to spend a day with these wonderful people. They welcomed us into their homes and Jacoba translated for the visits and we will treasure these memories forever. 

Photo of Hans at age two that was brought back to Canada after the War and below Hans & his wife Nellie

We met two of the sisters above with the sweet bows in their hair.... Kieke & Mieke below.

Our new forever friend Floris in the garden. Our time spent with Jacoba, Leon & Floris was some of our favourite times. They welcomed us into their home & showed us some of the sights in The Netherlands we never would have seen as tourists.  

We loved the boat trips they shared with us and we will treasure our friendship we have formed.  Thank you Jacoba for all you did to make our adventure so memorable. Till we meet again...

Thank you to my Father In Law Cliff for his bravery. We wish he would have been able to travel back to Holland after the War and enjoy its beauty as we did. 

Thank you for stopping in today.




  1. Hi Wanda,
    Such a wonderful post and so respectful to Kirk's father. I wished Kieke and Mieke would be on internet, they would so enjoy seeing this. I will find a way on this, like I did finding them. Nellie and Hans are on internet, so they will read this.
    It was such a pleasure to have you here. We, on our turn, did not know either your seven weeks would turn out like this. Even I went to unknown parts in Holland, like the environment of Oirschot. Reviewing other parts is forever fun and joy.
    No doubt it will take some time for you to sort out all your photography! Enjoy doing it!
    Happy day and thank you for your nice thank you words.
    Love from Holland,

  2. Dear Wanda,

    So glad to hear you enjoyed our little country! Lovely photo's of your friends and the landscape!

    Madelief x

  3. Dear Wanda,

    What a wonderful time you are having visiting the Netherlands - your photos are gorgeous of the windmills, gardens and the landscape.
    I enjoyed seeing all your photos
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  4. How amazing! What a wonderful trip. I love the story from the black and white photo to the present day picture of the two girls! Thanks for sharing.
    I too, loved windmills after seeing them in person when I was in Holland in 2001. I even started collecting the china replicas, which I have since narrowed down to one or two. :)