Sunday, September 28, 2014

Handblown Glass Drops

We came across these lovely glass drops in a wonderful little shop in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The blue drops are the exact colour of Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue... swoon...

As my heart skipped I beat I gathered up all the blue drops and added a few clear drops as well so we would have twenty in total. 

Don't ask me what I am going to do with them as I really don't have any idea yet... probably add to a chandelier at some point. I just knew if I did not bring them back to Canada with us I would kick myself...

As we unpacked our treasures I came upon a glass lantern we had purchased and the glass had smashed to bits... I was almost afraid to open the bubble wrap we had around the drops and to my delight only one was damaged. ;  )

The sideboard is painted Duck Egg Blue above... the drops are such a great match!

I love how my vintage paper clip looks with this lovely vintage postcard...

This past week I came across the paper place mats below and loved them so much. They are perfect for the dinner table we are sitting tonight for friends. Our dinnerware is going show beautifully against the black & white. 

Thanks for stopping in today, have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Your glass drops look so beautiful Wanda, I have never seen them before, I understand it was just a 'must have'. I have also never seen such a beautiful vintage paperclip, lovely with the postcard!

  2. Those glass drops are so pretty Wanda! I think they would also look beautiful hanging on a Christmas tree when the holidays come around. They are a wonderful reminder of your weeks in the Netherlands.
    I love that paper clip and the lovely image it hold. That was a great find too.
    I hope you had a great dinner with friends my dear----love the placemats. So cool!
    I hope you are loving being back home and are enjoying the autumn weather. We have had a big storm move through and now the leaves should start changing soon.
    many hugs...

  3. What fun to bring back wonderful treasures from afar. Im glad they weren't all damaged. Such a beautiful color. The placemats are just adorable, I love them.
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!


  4. So glad you were able to bring those glass drops home! Lovely!

  5. The glass drops are exquisite! What a lovely thing to bring home with you. Funny how certain things will just strike us. Love your place mats too! Welcome back!

  6. What a beautiful and special piece to be treasured. Thanks for sharing the story of the bowl.

  7. My previous comment got lost: the icicles will look splendid in the Christmas tree, or just on plastic threads hanging in front of a window. If you use a curtain rail it will be easy to fasten and you could hang them in various lengths. Irresistable, just can imagine how you just had to buy all. You could also pile them up in a shallow and wide bowl and then add a few flowers on one side, an asymmetrical arrangements. You could also use them with a label on them as a name tag for a table arrangement. Wanda, it is endless what you can do with them. Well done buying those, they will bring you a lot of joy.

  8. So many beautiful pieces of china. The little crown spoons adorable. Your blog has me saying oohhh awww with each piece. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments about The Story of the Farmhouse. It is so nice to come over to your place and browse through your great items.

  9. Dear Wanda,

    How pretty the glass drops are and such a gorgeous colour. So lovely that you were able to bring some treasures back with you to remind you of your trip away.
    The table mats are lovely too.
    Happy new week and many thanks for the kind visit