Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Colours...

Hello & Welcome...
This Lusterware bowl that belonged to my Grandmother evokes images of Fall with all its colours in their glory. 

My Mother remembered it sitting on the farmhouse table when she was a child. Her Mother (my maternal Grandmother) passed away when my Mother was six years of age and having this bowl meant allot to her. When she passed it on to me I was deeply touched and will treasure it until I pass it on to my Daughter In Law. 

This week I came across this sweet tea towel from April Cornnel goes perfectly with our Shophie Conran china.   

I could not get a great photo of the cute little silver crown spoons we found while in The Netherlands but it gives you an idea of what they are like. The spoon in the sugar bowl is Sterling and the crown is very detailed. The other four we bought are silver plate and although very nice the details are not as intricate. 

Another reason I was drawn to the tea towel was the fact it reminded me of vintage barkcloth, which I love....

The print below was purchased at The Louvre Museum shop and I found the perfect mat and frame at our local thrift shop. Unfortunately I have misplaced the title of the print and will have to do some research on it. 

Our weather has taken a turn towards cooler temperatures and we are busy planning our escape to Arizona.
Thank you for stopping in again.
Life is good... Take care...


  1. Wanda, how special that you have your grandmother bowl. I love the colors perfect for fall....
    Love the pretty tea towel and the crown spoons are so pretty....

    Hug So~

  2. Dear Wanda,

    How wonderful that the gorgeous bowl was passed down to you - makes it even more precious and the special connection to your dear family.
    The spoons with little crowns and tea towel are beautiful.
    Happy Sunday and many thanks for the kind visit to my blog.

  3. Sorry I also forgot to say how gorgeous the print you purchased at the Louvre museum shop and love the frame and mat you have used.
    Also you will be looking forward to heading to Arizona and warmer climes.

  4. Hi Wanda,
    What a sweet story about the bowl, so glad you have your turn with it. It is a beauty! And so is your print, and the towel and spoons!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  5. And than I saw that bowl, what a beauty! Even more special is that this wonderful object belonged to your grandmother. You did some good shopping with the spoons, pretty print and colourful towel.
    Wish you a lovely new week.

  6. I just love all your pretty things! The print is especially gorgeous!

  7. I'm always drawn to Lusterware and your bowl is stunning! Wish I was leaving the cold behind like you lol! Beautiful spoons too---love the little crowns on the ends!!

  8. Wanda what a priceless treasure from your grandmother! It is the perfect colors for Fall! Love the beautiful silverware with the crowns! We are having gorgeous weather here still. I'm sue it won't last long.

  9. Hi Wanda,
    The bowl is so splendid with its blooms! The story behind it makes it even more meaningful, but as such it is such a treasure and will cheer up any place where you put it.
    The crown teaspoons are so nice, when using them your mind can drift of to the palace and you can walk through it again!
    Wow, fancy finding such a frame at the thrift store ..... Hermine and I will have to visit you and go shopping with you. A sea container at hand to ship it all, ha ha!
    Lovely painting! Maybe there is a webshop of the Louvre where you can find the name? Or send them an email with the picture to ask?
    I left you earlier comments, but they disappeared into cyberspace because I was not logged in yet ...... grrrrr .....
    Happy landings in Arizona, Wanda! Looking forward to your reports on that fascinating part of the world.

    1. Thank you Jacoba... How exciting to think of treasure shopping with you & Hermine .... I miss our visits! ; )