Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jacoba's Garden in Holland...

As I scroll through our photos and memories of our luncheon in Jacoba & Leon's garden we remember what a wonderful day it was....
The dragonfly was an added bonus among the beauty of Jacoba's plantings. 

Floris enjoyed the foxy toy we had gifted him and was taking a much needed rest from a chase around the garden.

The roses were blooming in all their glory and I am sure they have grown allot since our visit the summer of 2014.

The table was set beautifully with blue & white china and lovely linens...

What a blessing for us to have met Jacoba, Leon & Floris and we look forward to seeing them again on our second visit to their amazing country in 2017!
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  1. Dear Wanda,

    Must have brought back happy memories of your holiday and what a beautiful garden with roses. The perfect place to dine alfresco.
    Happy Sunday

  2. It would have been a treat to spend awhile in your friend's garden Wanda. I love here sweet little dog and it's toy. What a wonderful trip you had and I bet sometimes you wish you could be there again. I'm not much of a traveler, I don't know if it's because I know it's not in the cards for me with Landon,or I would have been a homebody anyway? I love seeing all the places my friends go though :))
    I can only imagine how anxious you are to meet your newest little grandchild. It's always such a joy to be there to meet them and welcome them to the family. Nothing better in the world!
    Thank you Wanda for your lovely comment and for being such a dear friend!
    hugs from here...