Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Boys....

Good afternoon! I am hoping you are enjoying your weekend...I would like to introduce to all of you "Our Boys". They are Sweetpea & P.C. ..two Bichon Frise crossed with Poodle & Shih Tzu. They are six years of age and bring such joy into our lives! Their only problem is they don't know they are Dogs so think they should be with us every minute of the day. I hope you have a beloved Family Pet that brings you as much Love & Laughter as ours do!

Sweetpea (I know sounds like a girl's name) top photo
P.C. is in the photo below


  1. Hi, Your boys are soo cute!! Have a great weekend...Kathy

  2. Hi Wanda :) Your boys are such cutie pies....err, I mean handsome, lol :) I have my sweet fur babies I love to death, Max, Annie & Estella. Angel and Maxi are my daughter's kitties, which she just had them both declawed Friday....they're both doing quite well.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  3. Good Evening Wanda Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share you have this evening. I so adore Sweet Pea and PC. They are just precious and yes they do bring such JOY to our hearts, and love us so unconditionally. They even know when we need a little kiss, or two? So happy to please.

    I have a little Boston Terrier named Bruiser. He would so love to play with Sweet Pea and PC. Our kids and grandkids say all the time, "Bruiser does not know that he is a D-O-G." They spell it out as they don't want to hurt his feelings. They tease me all the time about him. DH says he is moving out the day something happens to Bruiser. I call him Handsome. You will find some photos of him on my scroll bar. I absolutely adore him. He is the best little critter we have had. He just turned 7 years old.

    Have a gorgeous day tomorrow sweetie.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  4. Wanda your boys just make me smile. They are little dolls. Yes, my little poodle is such a sweet thing and brings us a ton of laughs.

  5. Hi Wanda... Your boys are such beauties! I love flower names for my boys too, twiggy is often accused of being a girl:-)