Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My daily walk thru the park....

Hello my fello I walked to work this morning I thought I would snap some photos along the way so you could see the beauty of our city park I am able to enjoy every day!

Our Man Made Lake is in the centre of the city and was dug with hand tools and horse and wagon were used to carry out the dirt that was removed. 1883 was the year....1908 the bridge you see today was built and it is said to be the longest bridge over the shortest span of water.

My walk to work is 2 1/2 Kilometers one way so I get to walk through the park and enjoys its beauty..I hope you enjoy. Come and walk along with me..

I am amazed that I walk through the park everyday and forget how lucky I am to have such a beautiful space so close to our home..

Thank you for coming along on the walk with me today..have a great week and make sure you stop in your lives and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you..




  1. Don't we live in a beautiful country!
    Enjoy your walks. Deb

  2. Hi Wanda, I loved walking with you today! I always wonder what a bit of other peoples day looks like! You live in a beautiful place!

  3. You are really lucky... What beautiful place!
    Walking with you has been a pleasure.

  4. My oh my...such a beautiful park. I would LOVE to go walking in there! Thank you for sharing it with us. Just lovely.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  5. How lucky you are to get to enjoy this beautiful park every morning. It really is lovely! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
    Hugs ~ Jo

  6. This is amazingly beautiful! I could see that walk making one smile!
    Thanks for sharing the lovely views.

  7. Hi Wanda,
    thank you for sharing you stroll thru the park. I wish my way to the office were as nice as to yours. you live in a beautiful country and must feel truly invigorating to enjoy such a lovey walk before starting one's day at work!
    I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to pop over and reply to your sweet comment. we've had problens winth internet connection this week and the telephone company too a bit to long to fix it.
    I had some catch up to do with your previous posts. I love your pink depression glass, especially those pretty candle holders. and that gorgeous red transferware tureen is certainly one thing I would like to own together with that cute sugar bowl. I do have a complete blue transferware teaset (a mix'n match), along with dessert plates, cereal bowl and some orphaned plates of different sizes and from different potters (enoch, grindley, mason, etc.) but with red transfer it's been more difficult. I've got lots of plates that are now hanging on the wall, a couple of teacups, some soup cups and saucers, a pitcher, and a coffee pot... a sugar bowl and a milk jug are what is missing right now. ought to look them up on e-bay, but the S&H costs would then be outragious for a couple of pieces worth only a few bucks. what do you think?
    have a fab wkd

  8. Loved the walk!!! So neat to see these sights. Think this would be a very relaxing walk...a time to unwind and be refreshed.

    Sweet Summer days to you,