Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Love Of Pink Depression Glass...

Hello and welcome to my small space where I share my love of vintage Victorian antiques..linens and china!

Today I am sharing with you my love for PINK Depression glass...I started the afternoon washing the pieces around the house and thought why not photograph my small collection for all to see..I hope you enjoy!

I have pairs of candlesticks and some single as well..platters..plates and small footed bowls as well as a cream & sugar set

A drinking glass..biscuit jar..and a small vase..

A fruit bowl..and guessed it... candlesticks!

I have several pieces in green and amber but of course PINK is my favorite! Thank you for stopping in today for a visit..have a great week!




  1. Hi Wanda, you have quite a lovely collection of Pink Depression glass! Love all your pieces, especially the candleholders! I have just a few you make me want to go out and find some more, LOL :) Thank you for sharing this wonderful collection with us.

    Have a wonderful & pinky day :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  2. Love your settings! The pink depression glass is such a beautiful soft delicate color that doesn't overpower anything. It even lends a bit of femininity to a masculine decor that even the guys wouldn't mind(I say this because I was blessed with 3 sons). Have you seen Syracuse madame butterfly(LOVE IT), it is the same type of subtle pink that fits anywhere???

  3. It is pretty. I would like to see the amber pieces too. Have a great week, Wanda.

  4. Hi Wanda,
    How pretty your pink depression glass is! I love the pink! Thank you for sharing your collection and I hope you have a lovely week.


  5. Hi Wanda, I love your collection. Pink depression glass is my favorite.It looks so lovely...Kathy

  6. My Sister and I collect the pink and the green...she the pink and I the green. does not mean I don't like the pink, I do! We just picked a color and each started from her original pieces.

    Your collection looks great all together in the light...very pretty. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  7. Happy Pink Sunday Wanda,
    Your pink glass is so pretty and romantic. I have a few pieces but I have the collection of green...there is something about the green on crisp white that is so elegant to me. It seems so rich and vibrant. I love your pink and I am glad we have crossed blogs
    Simply Debbie

  8. So pretty! Isn't it wonderful when we can take these lovelies out of the cupboards and use them? You have quite a sweet collection.

  9. Wanda,
    My Goodness!! How beautiful!! I just love Pink Depression Glass and this post was just brimming over with it!!



  10. Wanda, thanks for showing all your pretty pink depression glass. I have a number of pieces myself. But I dont have any lovely candlesticks!!!