Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Canal Gardens in Amsterdam

Welcome to our visit to two Canal Home gardens. I am so in love with the white iron benches throughout the garden.

It is so much fun exploring the gardens and seeing the differences between their design. Some are all greenery and others are a mix of plantings but all seem to have a pond in common.

The ponds were lovely... 

Oh another bench... love it...
Every garden is bursting with Hydrangeas of all colours...  

Don't you just love the thought and design that went into this garden?

Every garden is graced with a beautiful statue or two.  

Thank you for stopping in today... I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our visit to The Netherlands.



  1. Absolutely amazing!!! Everything is SO green ,isn't it? I am so glad you shared these with us Wanda, every photo is beautiful!
    Sending hugs...

  2. Oh my GOODNESS. It looks like paradise. How marvelous! The benches are soooo pretty. Lucky you to see everything. Susan

  3. So nice you have even been visiting the canal gardens in Amsterdam. I have been there too and really do love these formal style box gardens.

  4. Wanda, you posted some beautiful photographs here, and so catching the mood of the gardens. I love the quiet and peace of them, Amsterdam being so boisterous.

  5. Hi Wanda,

    So Happy to see you are enjoying Amsterdam. You visited some of my favorite places! Those gardens are really magnificent! Wishing you lots of fun in Belgium!

    Madelief x