Sunday, August 3, 2014

Our Dutch adventure

A new friendship all started in Blogland... 
Our Dutch adventure has introduced us to so many different sights, foods and customs. 
We are most grateful for our new friendship with Jacoba & her husband from her Blog  Les Trois Jardins
This day started with a lovely lunch in their garden (tuin). The table was set with such pretty plates and vintage linens. The sweet flowers from her garden... The rose (roos) is "Rosa Peau Douce"

We met Floris, their beloved dog (hond). What a joy he is...

Lilly pads in the pond (vijver)..

A wonderful Pear tree (pereboom)...

A dragonfly (libel) enjoying the garden as well... 

One of Jacoba's many roses in her garden...

We then went for a lovely walk exploring their little village along the River.

Time for a boat ride (boottocht)... 

The next two are Tea Rooms (our version of a boat house), they were part of the massive gardens along the riverbank (rivieroever). 

We moored and ate a lovely dinner along the waters edge and the home below was our view across the river (rivier).

I could not resist a photo of the rose garden with the iron fence (ijzeren hek)..

Below is one of the many Thatched roofs we saw along the way.

What a fabulous day we had! Life is good (het leven is goed)....

ps... In case you thought I can now speak Dutch you would be wrong... I translated from our IPAD. :  )

Thank you for stopping in today and following us on our Exchange to The Netherlands.



  1. Wanda, how clever, and I like your sense of humour! Internet helps us out with everything ;-)) I was really amazed to read your Dutch translations. Lovely pictures!

  2. The dragonfly was back this morning on the Verbena. His telescopic eyes are quicker than mine, could not catch him with my camera, alas.

    1. He will be back I am sure... enjoy the beautiful day in your lovely garden...

  3. Oh How wonderful! Gorgeous pictures, postcard worthy. Have a grand time.

  4. Just found your lovely Victorian blog and then I saw the wonderful pictures of our own country. So nice to see Utrecht and the Vecht through visitor's eyes.

  5. Wanda how wonderful your trip looks. So pretty all your pictures. Enjoy.