Sunday, May 30, 2010


We had our first visit to New Orleans & Louisiana February of this year to attend the Marti Gras I am sharing with you the photos we had taken while in Louisiana on a "Swamp Tour"

It breaks our hearts to think of the devastation the Oil spill is creating for these lovely areas and wonder if they will ever be the same.

The wildlife & creatures of the Swamp..Ocean..Gulf are all in danger and the lively hood of thousands of people will be effected.

The tour thru the swamp was so calm & peaceful as we glided thru the water exploring and looking for a glimpse of Gators..birds and other creatures that lived there.

Our Tour guide was a colourful fellow with many stories of the Swamp he grew up sharing the waters with all of the wildlife

My Sweetie & I as I let him hold the baby Gator.. ; )

Our trip was so interesting and we look forward to returning in the coming years. I will share in a later post our photos from New Orleans & Marti Gras!

I pray this man made disaster can be cleaned up and that we as humans can find a better..safer way to get the resourses we need without harming the earth we live in.

Take care..Blessings


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  1. Hi Wanda,
    I imagine that the trip was a ton of fun for your first time to New Orleans. I have never been. Someday maybe. There are so many places that I would love to see here in the US and Cananda. I don't get to travel much, and would love to do more.
    It is always a joy to hear from you!